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     Extreme duty pumps famous for their closed-loop demanding applications. Heavily used in Marine/Navy, Mining, Oil & Gas, and steel shredding applications. Displacements from 6 cubic inch (100cc) to 30 cubic inch (500cc). Search Lifco Hydraulics GoldCup stock below:




Unit#(Click item for more)DescriptionStockPrice(USD)
P14S3R1C9A2A010C0023-87053-0 P14S3R1C9A2A010C03 In StockPlease Contact Us
P14S7R1C9A2B000A1M208040P14S7R1C9A2B000A1M208040 (023-08040-0)Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
P11S7R1C9A2B000B0 (023-81822-0)P11S7R1C9A2B000B0 (023-81822-0)Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
P14P2R1C9A2B00 (023-06998-0)P14P2R1C9A2B00 (023-06998-0)Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
P14P3L1C9A2A00 (023-07143-0)P14P3L1C9A2A00 (023-07143-0)Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
02E-83956-5P1100PS01SRM5AC00S10000 PUMPOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
P14P2RIC9A2B00 Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
P14P3L1A9A2BPUMPOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
P14P3R1A9A2BPUMPOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
P14S PUMPP14S 7R1C 5A2 B000A1Out Of StockPlease Contact Us


Part#(Click item for more)DescriptionStockPrice(USD)
S23-17634-0PRESS FEED TUBE ASSY P11/14 RH, OLD #S13-43967-025 In StockPlease Contact Us
S13-40266-0CHECK VALVE P11/1414 In StockPlease Contact Us
033-72100-0P11/P14 END COVER11 In StockPlease Contact Us
033-71641-0P11P SHAFT CIRCLIP10 In StockPlease Contact Us
S23-17633-0PRESS FEED TUBE ASSY P11/14 LH, OLD #S13-43966-010 In StockPlease Contact Us
033-71556-0P14P RET. RING8 In StockPlease Contact Us
023-07119-0P11P 3L1C 9A2A000 PUMP5 In StockPlease Contact Us
S23-17037-0KKIT SEAL COMPL CCW P11 14S LIP 3 In StockPlease Contact Us
S23-15244-0KKIT SEAL P11/14S CW B + C MOD 3 In StockPlease Contact Us
033-91709-0RETAINER,SEAL P11/14S-C2 In StockPlease Contact Us
S13-43968-0SPLINED SHAFT & BRG #3 P11/P142 In StockPlease Contact Us
033-71914-0P11 CCW PORT PLATE1 In StockPlease Contact Us
033-91241-RPLATE,PORT P14V CW1 In StockPlease Contact Us
033-91713-0SPRING,BRG PRE-LOAD P11/14-C1 In StockPlease Contact Us
S13-44138-0PORT BLOCK P11/14 STD1 In StockPlease Contact Us
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P14S3R1C9A2A010C0 023-87053-0 P14S3R1C9A2A010C0

Price(USD):Please Contact Us
Stock:3 In Stock

Common Units:

  • P1100PS01SRM5AC00S10000 (02E-83956-5)
  • P11S7R1C9A2B000B0 (023-81822-0)
  • P14S7R1C9A2B000A1M208040 (023-08040-0)

3-D Drawings:

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Application: P14S Piston Pump

     Car shredding machines are powerful hammer mills (up to 9,000 horsepower) that destroy anything that is fed into them. However, they are not indestructible themselves. If more material is forced into them than they can process, the mill will jam! Stalling, with that much torque driving them, will cause expensive damage and downtime. Therefore, the vehicles being scrapped must be metered into the mill at a rate that will not overwhelm the machine. To this end, large rollers are used to grip the vehicles and feed them into the mill’s throat at a controlled rate. A rugged hydraulic drive of 350 horsepower is used that must withstand the violent shocks encountered, yet be very responsive to the operator’s joystick. Parker’s P14S closed loop, axial piston pump is a proven champion in this arena. Delivering over 100 GPM, they are equipped with pressure override valves that react quickly to limit spikes (up to 5,000 PSI) when loads vary suddenly. The pumps displacement is precisely controlled proportionally to an electrical command, from full flow in one direction to full flow in the other direction. An integral hot oil shuttle valve is also incorporated to ensure fresh oil is introduced into the closed hydraulic loop, flushing hot dirty oil out. These pumps have endured this type of application for many decades, living up to their family name, “Gold Cup”.