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P25 Series Pumps

     Parker P16, 20, and 25 series pumps feature maximum pressures ranging from 2500 to 3000 PSI with maximum speeds between 2500 to 3600 RPM. Search Lifco Hydraulics P16, P20, and P25 stock below:




Unit#(Click item for more)DescriptionStockPrice(USD)
241105DV25660 1E 4Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
DV25350C 2E Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
DV25450C-2ETYRONE DRY VALVE PUMP 0301638Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
DV25350A-1ETYRONE GEAR PUMP 0222195Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
DV25950A-2FPUMPOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
DV25450A-1EGEAR PUMP 0225252Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
DV25450A-2EGEAR PUMP 0225256Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
DV25450C-1EGEAR PUMP 0306260Out Of StockPlease Contact Us


Part#(Click item for more)DescriptionStockPrice(USD)
15765DV25 SERIES. VITON 1.25 SHAFT SEAL. BUNA-N O-RING2 In StockPlease Contact Us
26298PLATE, DV25Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
28726DV25 P PLT BC TCA FS 28726Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
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241105 DV25660 1E 4

Price(USD):Please Contact Us
Stock:Out Of Stock

Configurations: P16 Gear Pump

  • P16 - Standard
  • TP16 - Tandem, 2 and 3 Place
  • PVP16 - Priority Valve
  • CP16 - Clutch Pumps, 'V' Belt and Serpintine
  • TP-PVP - Combination P16 with Priority Valve

Common Units:

  • DV25450A-1E
  • DV20350A-2D
  • DV20350A-1E
  • DV20250C-2E
  • DV20350A-3D
  • DV25350A-1E


P16 Series Pumps P20 Series Pumps P25 Series Pumps
Max Pressure: 3000 PSI / 207 BAR 2500 PSI / 172 BAR 3000 PSI / 207 BAR
Max Speed: 3600 RPM 2500 RPM 2500 RPM
Displacements: (cc/rev) 14 cc to 64 cc 20 to 149 cc/rev 99 cc to 315 cc/rev