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F12-040 Piston Motors

     Fixed displacement bent-axis motor with continuous operating pressure of 420 bar. Sizes up to 250cc available. Lifco stocks SAE, CETOP, and ISO versions of the F12. We stock most parts and most units. Search our F12 stock below:




Unit#(Click item for more)DescriptionStockPrice(USD)
3799881F12-040-MS-TV-T-0002 In Stock$2185.40
3799526F12-040-MF-IV-K-0002 In StockPlease Contact Us
3781403F12-040-MU-TV-T1 In Stock$2243.50
3799533F12-040-MS-SV-T-0001 In Stock$2185.40
3799520F12-040-MF-CV-C-000-0000-001 In Stock$2636.90
3799532F12-040-MS-SV-S-000Out Of Stock$2185.40
3780115F12-040-MS-TV-SOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
3799525F12-040-MF-IV-D-000-0000-00Out Of StockPlease Contact Us


Part#(Click item for more)DescriptionStockPrice(USD)
3793495F12-040 TYPE V SEALKIT12 In Stock$90.00
3791587PISTON ASSY KPL F12-040 1=15 In Stock$100.50
118770TAP ROLLER BEARING F12-040 F12-060 3 In Stock$90.00
3798159BARREL F12-040 2 In StockPlease Contact Us
3793631SHIM (F12-040)2 In StockPlease Contact Us
3791572VALVE PLATE R F12-0401 In Stock$261.75
3799457SHAFT D F12-0401 In Stock$1381.50
3799451SHAFT K F12-0401 In Stock$608.25
3791573Valve Plate (F12-040) Type L1 In Stock$261.75
3799484BEARING HOUSING F12-0401 In Stock$388.50
3799483BEARING HOUSING TYPE S F12-0401 In Stock$383.25
909308-VOACFlat Key For K (F12-040)1 In StockPlease Contact Us
3799622F12-040- T- SEC1 In StockPlease Contact Us
3799455SHAFT ASSY KPL TYP C F12-0401 In Stock$660.00
3791589GEAR RING F12-0401 In Stock$322.50


F12-030 F12-040 F12-060 F12-080 F12-090 F12-110 F12-125 F12-150 F12-250
Displacement: (cm/rev) 30.0 40.0 59.8 80.4 93.0 110.1 125.0 150 242
Operating pressure - Max intermittent: (bar) 480 480 480 480 420 480 480 420 420
Operating pressure - Max continuous: (bar) 420 420 420 420 350 420 420 350 350
Motor operating speed - Max intermittent: (rpm) 7,300 6,700 5,800 5,300 5,000 4,800 4,600 3,500 3,000
Motor operating speed - Max continuous: (rpm) 6,700 6,100 5,300 4,800 4,600 4,400 4,200 3,200 2,700
Motor operating speed - Min continuous: (rpm) 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50
Max pump selfpriming speed - L or R function max: (rpm) 3,150 2,870 2,500 2,300 2,250 2,200 2,100 1,700 1,500
Motor input flow - max intermittent: (l/min) 219 268 347 426 465 528 575 525 726
Motor input flow - max continuous: (l/min) 201 244 317 386 428 484 525 480 653
Weight:(kg) 12 16.5 21 26 26 36 36 70 77
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3799881 F12-040-MS-TV-T-000

Stock:2 In Stock

Common Units:

  • F12-030-MU-TV-T-000-0000-00 (3781123)
  • F12-060-MS-SV-S-000 (3799998)
  • F12-080-MS-SV-U-000 (3780786)
  • F12-150-HF-SV-S (3787726)
  • F12-250-QF-SV-S-000 (3787184)

3-D Drawings:

F12 3D Drawing
F12-150 MF
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Application: F12-150 Piston Motor

     A massive circular saw mounted out on the end of an excavator’s boom is a handy devise to have, if you need to clear a forest of its trees. But, how do you drive such a creation? It needs to be relatively light weight so it can be manipulated with a high degree of agility and it needs to be rugged. These saws experience sudden load changes and must operate in extreme temperature variations. A hydraulic motor drive is the answer. The Parker F12-150 is ideal for this application. It is a package of just 14 inch cube and can deliver 350 horsepower at 3,200 RPM. This motor has a unique piston locking, timing gear and bearing set-up, as well as a limited number of parts, adding up to a very robust design with long service life and, above all, proven reliability. This timing gear design synchronizes shaft and cylinder barrel, making the F12 very tolerant to high 'G' forces and torsional vibrations. It also has laminated piston rings which offer important advantages such as unbeatable efficiency and thermal shock resistance. Heavy duty roller bearings permit substantial external axial and radial shaft loads; so, a drive gear can be mounted directly to the motors output shaft, saving space and complexity.