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P2075 Series

     320 bar pressure rated mobile pump widely used in the Oil & Gas industry. They are compact and servicable. Also available with 'wet flange' mounting option for direct mount on a PTO. All SAE units, some metric units, and all parts in stock at Lifco. Search our P2 stock below:




Unit#(Click item for more)DescriptionStockPrice(USD)
P2075L00C1C21LA20N00T1A1U 2 In StockPlease Contact Us
P2075L00C1C30LA20N00C3A1UPARKER P2075L1 In Stock$3455.20
P2075R00C5C21PB00N00S1AIP 1 In StockPlease Contact Us
P2075R00C1C20LA20N00S1B1P 1 In Stock$3261.30
P2075R00C1C32PA00N00T1A1U 1 In StockPlease Contact Us
P207500C5C21PB00N00S1A1P Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
P2075L00C1C38LA20N00C3A1UPARKER P2075LOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
P2075R00C5C32PA00N00T1A1UPARKER PISTON PUMPOut Of Stock$3376.80
P2075R00C1C32PB20N00T1A1U Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
P2075L00C1C25LA28N00S1A1unew pumpOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
P2075R00C1C32PA00N00S1A1UPUMP PARKEROut Of Stock$3159.80
P2075R00C5C32PA00N00S1A1U Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
P2075L00C1C32LA20N00S1B4P Out Of StockPlease Contact Us


Part#(Click item for more)DescriptionStockPrice(USD)
P2-075-3200SADDLE BUSHING P20754 In Stock$80.60
P2-075-2401PORT PLATE CW P20753 In Stock$271.70
P2-075-0221-04SWASHPLATE ASSY BIROTATIONAL P20751 In Stock$481.65
RRKP2075R12ROTATING GROUP P20751 In Stock$1208.35
RRKP2075L12ROTATING GROUP P20751 In Stock$1208.35
P2-075-0806-01NTESTED COMP. P2075 P2105 P21451 In Stock$946.40
P2-075-3602SAE C COUPLER P20751 In StockPlease Contact Us
P2-075-0201PISTON ASSY P2075Out Of Stock$89.70
P2-075-3605SAE BB COUPLER P2075Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
P2-075-0226-01NREAR COVER ASSY - P2075 A CCW NON THRUOut Of StockPlease Contact Us


P2060 P2075 P2105 P2145
Max. Displacement: (cm/rev) 60 75 105 145
Self-priming speed at 1 bar absolute inlet pressure: (rpm) 2800 2500 2300 2200
Max. continuous pressure: (bar) 320 320 320 320
Peak Pressure: (bar) 370 370 370 370
Min. inlet pressure: (bar / Hg Vacuum) 0.8 / 5.8 0.8 / 5.8 0.8 / 5.8 0.8 / 5.8
Max. inlet pressure: (bar) 10 10 10 10
Max. case drain pressure: (bar) 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Noise level at full flow at 1800 rpm, 250 bar: (bdA) 74 76 78 80
Weight with load sense control: (Kg) 37 44 63 78
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Stock:2 In Stock

Common Units:

  • P2075L00C1C10PA00N00S1A1U
  • P2105L00C1C25LA20D00A1A1P
  • P2105R00C3C19LA20N00S1A1U
  • P2145R00C5C05PB00N00S1A1U
  • P2145R00D1D20LA20N00A1A1U

3-D Drawings:

P2 3D Drawings
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     Parker’s P2 axial piston pump is a very compact, high pressure pump designed for mobile applications. So, when a crane manufacture was in need of variable displacement, load sensing pumps, to provide 55 GPM each at 4,500 PSI continuously and up to 5,000 PSI intermittently, these where the pumps that came to mind. Two 105 cc/rev pump were installed. The customer commented on their rugged construction and how nicely they bolted up to his engine’s splitter box with room to spare for the fluid connections. But, he was most impressed with how his machine responded when the operator moved the valve levers to position heavy loads, precisely into place.