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D1VW Valves

     The D1VW Series directional control valves are high performance, 4-chamber, direct operated, wet armature solenoid controlled, 3 or 4-way valves. D1VW Valves are available in 2 or 3-position. Search Lifco Hydraulics D1VW stock below:

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D1VW006CNJW91D-91 VALVE ALSO A4D01 3246 0302 C1 W3014 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW1CNYCSXB0D-7410 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW002CNJWS2D-91 VALVE8 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW009ENJW4D-917 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW020BNJW4D-916 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW009CNYW4D-915 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW001CNJW4D-914 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW001CNYWD-914 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW4CNKWF75XB139 4 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW001FNJW91D-91 valve3 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW002CNYW4D-913 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW4CNJCH572X4773 3 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW4CVYEUD-753 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW001CNJW 3 In Stock$301.60
D1VW009CNJW4 2 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW004CNJG5D01 VALVE2 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW001CNJPMD-822 In StockPlease Contact Us
D1VW002CNJW4D-912 In StockPlease Contact Us


Mounting Pattern: NFPA D03, CETOP 3, NG 6
Mounting Interface: DIN 24340-A6
ISO 4401-AB-03-4-A
CETOP R35H 4.2-4-03
Maximum Pressure: (P,A,B) 345 Bar (5000 PSI) Standard
CSA - 276 Bar (4000 PSI)
Maximum Pressure: (Tank) 103 Bar (1500 PSI) Standard
207 Bar (3000 PSI) Optional with H, FH, G, LG
CSA - 103 Bar (1500 PSI)
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D1VW006CNJW91 D-91 VALVE ALSO A4D01 3246 0302 C1 W30

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3-D Drawings:

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D1VW C, DC, P Valve
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Application: D1VW Directional Control Valves

     The series D1VW hydraulic spool type directional control valves are high performance, direct operated and have 4 ports (4 ways). Their high functional flow limits (up to 21 GPM) and high rated pressure (5,000 PSI) means that they are capable of controlling up to 60 horsepower! They are available with 19 standard spool choices in 2 or 3-position configurations. This along with spring centering, spring offset and detent options, make an un-limited number of hydraulic circuit designs possible. The solenoids are available in 25 different voltages, with or without indicator lights and also your choice of eight electrical connection options (both AC and DC). All of the electrical parts are waterproof meeting NEMA 4 (up to IP67 on some models). When ordered with one of 4 soft shift rates, the life of your hydraulic circuit and components can be significantly increased. Versions with 8 watt coils, position control switches, ATEX explosion proof approval, surface protection, and DC surge suppression are available. Standard manifold mounting, which conform to the NFPA D03 / CETOP 3 / ISO NG6 mounting pattern, means that they may be used to directly replace many less capable directional control valves. These valves were designed for industrial and mobile hydraulic applications which require high cycle rates, long life, and high efficiency.