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M3B Vane Motors

     Parker's M3B Vane Motors are high efficiency motors available in five different displacements ranging from 0.56 to 2.26 cubic inches per revolution. These light weight motors feature interchangeable rotating groups, have wide speed ranges, and are designed especially for severe duty applications. Search Lifco Hydraulics M3B stock below:

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S24-42506-0M3B KEYED #31 In StockPlease Contact Us
024-44109-0M3B-012-4N01-B101Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-40444-0/01M3B 012 1N01 B100Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-44177-0M3B 018 1N00 B100Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
014-83910-0M3B 036 1N00 B101Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
M3B 012 3N 00B102 Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
034-66246-0M3B MTG CAP 00SAE11/16Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-59364-0M3B 018 3N 00 B100 MOTOROut Of StockPlease Contact Us


Weight - without connector and bracket: (lbs) 17.6
Mounting Standard: SAE J744c, ISO/3019-1 SAE A
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S24-42506-0 M3B KEYED #3

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3-D Drawings:

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M3B Shaft Code 4
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Application: M3B Vane Motor

     Getting an expensive and delicate sonar fish off of and onto a ships deck is a demanding and risky undertaking that requires precise control and reliability from the winching unit. The motor drive must be responsive and smooth running and also be impervious to water. Parker’s M3B hydraulic vane motor excels in this environment and the high starting torque efficiency of vane type motors makes them especially applicable to these drives. Their high starting torque efficiency allows the motor to start under high load without pressure overshoots or jerkiness and when operating at very low speeds, the vane motor exhibits very low torque ripple, for smooth operation. The M3B motor is available in 5 different displacements from 0.56 to 2.26 cubic inches per revolution with the largest size being capable of more than 30 horse power. These motors are smaller than a 5 inch cube and only weigh about 18 pounds.