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M4E Vane Motors

     Parker's M4E Vane Motors are high efficiency motors with displacements rangings from 9.67 to 13.55 cubic inches per revolution. These motors feature interchangeable rotating groups, have wide speed ranges, and are designed especially for severe duty applications. Search Lifco Hydraulics M4E stock below:

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Unit#(Click item for more)DescriptionStockPrice(USD)
S14-27465-0M4E 185 CART KIT3 In StockPlease Contact Us
S14- M4E (SPECIAL) SHAFTM4E #5 SHAFT ASSY2 In StockPlease Contact Us
014-42345-5M4E 153 3N00 B5021 In StockPlease Contact Us
014-42348-5M4E 214 1N00 B502Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
014-42349-5M4E 214 3N00 B502Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
230-82134-0M4E & 75E NEEDLE BEARINGOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
014-42344-5M4E 153 1N 00B502 MOTOROut Of StockPlease Contact Us
S14-27466-0M4E CART PUMP 214Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
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S14-27465-0 M4E 185 CART KIT

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Stock:3 In Stock

Common Units:

  • M4E 214 1N00 B502 (014-42348-5)
  • M4E 214 3N00 B502 (014-42349-5)
  • M4E 153 1N00 B502 (014-42344-5)

3-D Drawings:

M4E Motor 3D Drawing
M4E Shaft Code 1
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Application: M4E Vane Motor

     A Parker M4E-214 hydraulic vane motor drives a large portable water pump needed to fight forest fires. The hydraulic motor and centrifugal pump unit has to be small enough and light enough to be carried by hand, to get down close to any remote water source. The hydraulic fluid supply comes from an all terrain utility vehicle and is transmitted through two, 1-1/2” diameter hoses. The water pump needs to spin at 2,000 revolutions per minute with up to 450 foot pounds of torque. That is an astounding 150 horsepower! What’s more amazing? This hydraulic motor is only about the size of a 10” cube and weighs less than 100 pounds; but, delivers the goods. Its vanes, rotor and cam ring are pressure balanced and made out of hardened high alloy steels to increase life and efficiency; while its cast semi-steel side plates are chemically etched to have a fine crystalline surface for good lubrication at start-up. This all makes for the rugged, reliable motor needed for this demanding job.