Triple Vane Pumps T67EDCS Series

     Denison Vane Pumps are specially designed for high and low circuit applications and deliver wide speed ranges (600 to 3600 RPM) and high efficiencies of over 94% under high pressure. Double and Triple pumps allow for low flow at high pressure (300 bar max) and high flow at lower pressure. Search Lifco Hydraulics Triple Vane Pump stock below:

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Minimum Speed: (RPM) 600
Maximum Speed: (RPM) HF-0, HF-1, HF-2 2200
Maximum Speed: (RPM) HF-3, HF-4, HF-5 1800
Mounting Standard: SAE J744, SAE E
Weight: Lbs (without connector/bracket) 224.9
Moment of inertia: (Lb.in2) 27.4
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054-37654-0 T67EDCS 066 B42 022 2R00 A100

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3-D Drawings:

T6EDC 3D Drawing
T6EDC Shaft Code 2
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Application: Parker T67EDC Triple Vane Pump

     It is possible to select seven discrete flow rates from one Parker triple vane pump. The output flow from each of the three pump sections can be selected and combined to suit any application, within reason. The first pump has ten cam ring sizes (displacements) to choose from (8.07 to 16.4 Cubic Inch per Revolution). The second pump has twelve (2.64 to 9.64 CIR). The third pump has thirteen (0.66 to 6.1 CIR).

  • Example with the selection of:
  • 13.86 CIR for the first pump gives 105 GPM @ 1750 RPM drive motor speed.
  • 6.8 CIR for the second pump gives 51.5 GPM @ 1750 RPM drive motor speed.
  • 3.56 CIR for the third pump gives 27 GPM @ 1750 RPM drive motor speed.

  • This gives the following matrix of::
  • 27 GPM third pump alone
  • 51.5 GPM second pump alone
  • 78.5 GPM third and second pumps together
  • 105 GPM first pump alone
  • 132 GPM first and third pumps together
  • 156.5 GPM first and second pumps together
  • 183.5 GPM first, second and third pumps together

There is a change of about 25 GPM between each selectable flow rate. Like riding a seven speed bicycle, the flow can be selected to manage the torque required from the electric motor for any given load (pressure level). A conveyor drive, a press or any machine with multiple actuators can benefit from this simple pump selection technique to make good use of its installed horsepower.