Single Vane Pumps T6C Series

     Denison Vane Pumps are specially designed for high and low circuit applications and deliver wide speed ranges (600 to 3600 RPM) and high efficiencies of over 94% under high pressure. Search Lifco Hydraulics Single Vane pump stock below:

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S14-24569-0SHAFT T6C SPLIN 3 ASS10 In StockPlease Contact Us
S14-25645-0SHAFT T6C KEYED 2 ASS10 In StockPlease Contact Us
024-45898-5T6C 010 3R01B5 IR PUMP5 In StockPlease Contact Us
024-03104-5T6C 017 1R00 B53 In StockPlease Contact Us
S24-10133-5KIT T6C SEAL S51 In StockPlease Contact Us
S24-44752-0SHAFT T6C KEYED 20MM #1 ASSEM1 In StockPlease Contact Us
024-40396-0T6C 020 1R00 B1 Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-26801-0T6C 012 2R00 B1Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-03118-0T6C 014 3R00 B1Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-03102-0T6C 010 1R00 B1Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
034-59098-0T6C VANE HOLDOUT PINOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
034-59772-0PLATE T6C PRESS CWOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
S24-10116-0ROTOR T6C 034-59097-C+INSERTOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-03108-0/03T6C 005 1R03 B1Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-26923-0T6C 028 2R00 B1Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-03529-0/03T6C 025 3R03 B1Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-26139-0T6C B28 1L00 C1Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-03114-0/02T6C 017 2L02 B1Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-03401-0/01T6C 022 2R01 B1Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-26203-0/03T6C 006 2R03 B1Out Of StockPlease Contact Us


Minimum Speed: (RPM) 600
Maximum Speed: (RPM) HF-3, HF-4, HF-5 1800
Mounting Standard: SAE J744, SAE B
Weight: Lbs (without connector/bracket) 34.6
Moment of inertia: (Lb.in2) 2.6
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S14-24569-0 SHAFT T6C SPLIN 3 ASS

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Application: T7E Vane Pump

     How do you get a large hydraulic press to open quickly, smoothly and also efficiently? You provide it with a flow of oil that is increased from small to large and back to small again, ramp this flow quickly and provide it at a pressure no greater than required to accelerate the weight of the platen. This is done by using a “Drive Controlled Pump”. In one particular application, a Parker T7E-085 (16.4 cubic inch per revolution) vane pump, a 75 horsepower electric motor and an electric motor AC drive unit (frequency controller and regulation electronics) were used. No oil was forced over relief or throttle valves; thus, little energy was wasted! The electric motor was controlled by the AC drive unit to increase the speed of the pump drive (thus increasing its output flow) over a short period of time, getting the platen moving quickly and smoothly. At 1800 RPM this pump produces 125 GPM of fluid. Then, the AC drive unit was used to decrease the speed of the pump drive over a short period of time, bringing the platen to a stop. Thanks to the very wide range of speed (up to 3000 rpm) and the high operating pressures (up to 320 bar), the “Drive Controlled Pump” system solution can be tuned exactly to a customer's specific requirements. The robust double lip design makes the Parker vane pump impervious to particle contamination and maintains a high degree of efficiency in the long term. Also, the design of Parker’s vane pump, with its two opposing pressure chambers, prevents lateral forces working on the drive shaft, eliminating mechanical stress within the pump and providing a long reliable working life.