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PGP 511 Pumps

     PGP 511 series pumps offer superior performance, high efficiency, and low noise operation at high operating pressures. Search Lifco Hydraulics PGP 511 series stock below:

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3349112767PGP511A0080AA1H2ND5D4B1B14 In Stock$387.76
3349112233PGP511A0190CK1H2ND5D4B1B1 - 33491112333 In StockPlease Contact Us
3349111582PGP511M0110CA1H2MD6D5B1B11 In StockPlease Contact Us
3349111587PGP511M0270CA1H2MD7D6B1B11 In StockPlease Contact Us
3349111047PGP511A0080CK1H2ND5D4B1B11 In Stock$387.76
3349112246PGP511A0160AA1H2ND5D4B1B11 In Stock$408.94
3349112334PGP511A0190AA1H2ND6D5B1B11 In StockPlease Contact Us
3349111580PGP511M0080CA1H2MD5D4B1B1Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
3349111583PGP511M0140CA1H2MD6D5B1B1 Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
3349111584PGP511M0160CA1H2MD6D5B1BOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
3349111585PGP511M0190CA1H2MD7D6B1B1Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
3349111586PGP511M0230CA1H2MD7D6B1BOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
3349112222PGP511A0110AA1H2ND6D5B1B1Out Of Stock$382.13


Max Pressure: 3625 PSI / 250 BAR
Max Speed: 4000 RPM
Volumetric Efficiencies: 98%
Displacements: (cc/rev) 3 to 33
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3349112767 PGP511A0080AA1H2ND5D4B1B1

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Key Features: 500 Series

  • Up to 275 bar (4000 psi) continuous operation
  • Low noise (optimized flow metering)
  • High efficiency (Pressure balanced bearing blocks)
  • Application flexibility (International mounts and connections, integrated valve capabilities and common inlet multiple pump configurations)