F11-010 Piston Motors

     Fixed displacement bent-axis motor with continuous operating pressure of 350 bar. High allowable speed and very high efficiency. Heavy duty bearings, few moving parts, and a robust design make this a reliable unit. Search Lifco Hydraulics F11 stock below:

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3787828F11-010-MU-CV-K-000-MVLOut Of Stock$2024.40


Displacement: (cm/rev) 9.8
Operating pressure - Max intermittent / continuous: (bar) 420
Operating pressure - Max continuous: (bar) 350
Motor operating speed - Max intermittent: (rpm) 11,200
Motor operating speed - Max continuous: (rpm) 10,200
Motor operating speed - Min continuous: (rpm) 50
Max pump selfpriming speed - L or R function max: (rpm) 4200
Motor input flow - max intermittent: (l/min) 110
Motor input flow - max continuous: (l/min) 100
Weight:(kg) 7.5
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3707310 F11-010-HU-CV-K-000

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Application: Parker F11 Piston Motor

     In an effort to reduce space and increase fuel efficiency, a bus manufacturer wished to relocate his vehicle’s cooling radiator. To do this, he needed another way to drive the fan, other than by using a belt from the engine’s crank shaft. A hydraulic drive fit the bill. By using Parker’s F11-005 bent axis piston motor, a small (less than 6 inch cube), light weight (about 10 pounds), rugged and cost effective solution was had. Thanks to this motor’s heavy duty roller bearings, that permit substantial external axial and radial shaft loads, the fan blade could be mounted directly to the motor’s tapered output shaft. Another inherent advantage of the hydraulic drive was an increase in energy efficiency by varying the speed of the fan to suit the cooling requirements as needed (from 50 to 12,800 RPM). A built-in anti cavitation valve protects the motor from the fan’s overrunning load, without installing an external valve to do so. This hydraulic motor is just 0.3 cubic inches per revolution and can operate up to 5,000 PSI giving it an output capability is up to 50 horsepower.