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F1+ Piston Pumps

     F1 Plus series are a bent axis fixed displacement pump with 5000 psi continuous max pressure. This pump is ideal for truck applications due to its toleration of low temperatures and high temperature shocks. Search Lifco Hydraulics F1 Plus stock below:

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3781440F1-041-RU-SV-S SAE PISTON PUMP 11 In Stock$826.70
3781441F1-041-LU-SV-S9 In Stock$826.70
3781061F1-061-L5 In Stock$870.80
3781100F1-101-R4 In Stock$1111.60
3781451F1-051-LU-SV-S3 In Stock$849.10
3781041F1-041-L3 In Stock$826.70
3781101F1-101-L3 In Stock$1111.60
3781080F1-081-R_-__-_-000 3 In Stock$1018.50
3781051F1-051-L2 In Stock$849.10
3781081F1-081-L2 In Stock$1018.50
3781424F1-025-RU-SV-S-0002 In Stock$764.40
3781461F1-061-LU-SV-S1 In Stock$870.80
3781450F1-051-RU-SV-S1 In Stock$849.10
3781025F1-025-L1 In Stock$764.40
3781060F1-061-R1 In Stock$870.80
3781460F1-061-RU-SV-S-0001 In Stock$870.80
3704520F1-020-R-000Out Of Stock$906.50


F1 Plus
Max operating pressure - continuous: (bar)/(psi) 350 bar / 5000 psi
Max operating pressure - intermittent: (bar)/(psi) 400 bar / 5800 psi
Shaft speed (rpm) - Short circuited pump: (low press.) 2700 rpm
Weight: (Kg/lbs) 8.5 kg / 18.7 lbs
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3781440 F1-041-RU-SV-S SAE PISTON PUMP

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3-D Drawings:

F1 Pump 3D Drawing
F1-61 L
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Application: F1-61 Bent-axis Piston Pump

     A truck dealer needed an auxiliary pump to operate at 5,000 PSI, deliver 30 GPM @ 2,200 RPM and mount to a transmission’s PTO. The size must be small and price low (of course, this should go without saying).The hard part? It must withstand very cold conditions in Canada’s northland! For a pump to live there, it must be rugged enough to withstand thermal shock and it must have a streamlined, direct fluid inlet to avoid cavitation when the oil is cold. Parker had just the pump for the job. The model F1-61 bent axis piston pump was designed for just such applications. It was necessary to work closely with the customer during installation to ensure easy oil availability to the pump. To accomplish this, the reservoir was located close to and above the pump with 2.5” diameter supply hose. Parker’s BPV-F1-25 bypass valve was also incorporated, installed directly on top of the pump end cap, to allow the oil to circulate freely during initial hydraulic system start up in cold weather.