PVP33 Series

     The PVP variable volume pumps are reliable, medium pressure (3600 psi) rated, axial piston pumps. Cast iron housing and thrudrive available on all 5 sizes: 16cc, 23cc, 33cc, 41cc, and 48cc. Controls are modular and interchangeable: pressure compensated, remote, load sensing, and torque limiting. Both SAE and Metric, side ported and rear ported, flange and threaded ports. Search Lifco Hydraulics PVP stock below:

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PVP3336R2MV21PARKER PISTON PUMP1 In Stock$2505.30
PVP3336R2M21PARKER PISTON PUMP1 In Stock$2278.50
PVP3336R221PISTON PUMP16 In Stock$2112.60
PVP3336L221PISTON PUMP2 In Stock$2112.60
PVP3336K9R2M21 1 In Stock$2557.10
PVP3336D2R6A4A21PARKER PISTON PUMPOut Of Stock$2614.50
PVP3336C2R2M21PARKER PISTON PUMPOut Of Stock$2372.30
PVP3336BRC21PARKER PISTON PUMPOut Of Stock$2405.20
PVP3336BR221PISTON PUMP2 In Stock$2112.60
PVP3336BL221PISTON PUMP1 In Stock$2112.60
PVP3336B2R21 Out Of Stock$2081.10
PVP33363RM21NEW PUMP5 In Stock$2247.00
PVP33363L21PISTON PUMPOut Of Stock$2081.10
PVP33362R26A4M21 Out Of Stock$2740.50
PVP33362R221PISTON PUMP3 In Stock$2206.40
PVP33362R21PARKER PUMP1 In Stock$2081.10
PVP33362L221PISTON PUMPOut Of Stock$2206.40
PVP33361R221PISTON PUMP1 In Stock$2272.90
PVP3330K8R2M21PISTON PUMPOut Of Stock$2557.10
PVP3330D2R6A4A21 1 In Stock$2614.50
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Displacement: (CC/REV)33
Max Pressure:248 bar (3600 PSI)
Peak Pressure:310 bar (4500 PSI)
Max RPM:3000
Min RPM:600
Mount:SAE-A or Metric 2-bolt
Thru Shaft Capable?Yes
Unit Weight:47 lbs

3-D Drawings:

 PVP 3D Drawing
PVP 23/33 - Rear Ported
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PVP 3D Drawing
PVP 23/33 - Side Ported
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       When a local fabrication shop requested a reliable, quiet pump to supply hydraulic power for a scrap bailing mechanism; Parker’s PVP variable volume pump fit the bill perfectly. They were looking for adjustability in both pressure and flow limits; as well as energy efficiency. The machine required fast movement to close an air gap; as well as remote force adjustability at the operator’s station. This was accomplished by using a torque limiting control with remote pressure cut off capability. In this way, high flow was delivered to the actuators when low resistance was present and low flow was produced when compression force was required – allowing for one small horsepower electric motor to meet both needs. This customer also demanded that the pump be readily available and easy to repair with parts inventory supported in North America. When it was demonstrated that the replaceable port plates and replaceable piston slipper plates make these pumps easy and economical to repair, the complete requirement was met and he was sold.

Note: A 10 horsepower electric motor was used to provide a cylinder travel speed with 15 GPM up to 1,000 PSI and a compression force was adjustable up to 3,600 PSI. Without the torque limiting control, this would have needed more than 30 horsepower.