OEM Digital Integration

Liebherr & Liebherr Aerospace

Lifco uses proprietary technology to give OEM engineers and service mechanics real time access to Lifco's hydraulic test stands while testing OEM components.
Parker PV Plus
High pressure open loop pumps for industrial applications.
Denison Single Vane Pump
Pioneering the double lip vane. This pump has been made in the same Vierzon France factory for decades. Uncompromising in quality and endurance.
Goldcup - Closed Loop
This heavy duty series pump combined to provide a rugged self contained package which can withstand the harshest of conditions and continue to perform with trouble free long life.
Double-Triple-Fixed Vane Pump
These vane pumps have been specially designed for high/low circuits. This is a clever way to optimize your circuit design. This pump feature will also allow a very fast pressure cycle change with a very precise fl ow repeatability.
P1/PD Medium Duty Open Loop
High drive speed models for mobile markets and low noise models for industrial markets, with quiet and efficient control capability
PAVC / PVP Open Loop
The PVAC piston Pump offers high-self priming speed. It can operate at high altitudes and easily convertible from one control type to another. The control offers pressure compensation, load sensing, power limiting and low pressure standby
P2/P3 High Pressure Open Loop
Variable displacement, axial piston pumps for open circuit hydraulic systems. This pump offers dedicated envelope design and unique port layout, high self priming speed, standard integrated pre-compression volume.
The VP1 is the worlds first variable displacement pump for truck applications. It can be close-coupled to the power take-off and is especially designed and optimized for truck hydraulic systems that will benefit from variable flow
F1/F2 Truck Pumps
Series F1 is a further development of our well known 'truck pump', the F1. The F1 offers many additional values for operators of cargo cranes, hook loaders, skip loaders, forest cranes, concrete mixers and similar truck applications
C Series variable displacement piston pumps have been designed for use in closed circuit hydro-static applications.
PV Variable Volume Piston Pumps

OEM Digital Integration - Liebherr & Liebherr Aerospace

Dec 18/2019 | Lifco

Lifco uses proprietary technology to give OEM engineers and service mechanics real time access to Lifco's hydraulic test stands while testing OEM components.

Prior to this project, test results were done through third-party software that was manually stored and then emailed to the customer when requested. Data consisted of the graphs and description of the test performed. The test procedure was performed manually and analysis of the results was performed visually. So there were a few issues; communication, consistency, and just being horribly inconvenient. The solution was to develop a data acquisition system in the Microsoft .NET framework.

Engineers at Lifco have developed a computerized testing system specifically to test hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders and valves. Microcontrollers are employed at the reading stage to achieve maximum precision in measurements. A double average looping program ensures maximum stability of readings and make it one of the most stable and reliable hydraulic testing systems in the world. On some components there can be as many as 16 channels, plus outputs. So the volume of data generated is significant. Through edge computing, the maximum response is possible using dedicated computer and network systems at each testing station. The online testing software through the Lifco website provides direct uploads of the test results. OEM customers like Liebherr can collaborate with Lifco engineers to view test data, in real time.

We strive for the perfectly engineered test system, we ensure maximum perfection of adjustments through one of the best testing and hydraulic configuration technology. There is a reason Lifco was just awarded "Distributor of the Year" by Parker Pump & Power Systems Division.